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Pandemic PantryPurple Garden Psychic Reading Review

Purple Garden Psychic Reading Review


Do you have questions about your love life? Do you want to know what the future has in store for you? Perhaps you feel lost and need some direction. Purple Garden psychic readers provides an online platform to speak to experienced advisors who can guide you. Browse through hundreds of profiles to find the right psychic advisor specializing in love, career, health, and beyond.  

From the makers of Purple Ocean and Bitwine, Purple Garden psychics focuses on exclusively live readings. With Purple Garden psychic readers, you can connect with an advisor from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Psychics provide live readings online through chat, video, and voice. Search through profiles to find a psychic who specializes in the areas of life troubling you. You’ll find advisors with a range of experience levels and budgets.  

How Does It Work?

To get started, you must sign up for an account on their website or app. Then, you’ll just need to navigate through their platform and look at all the advisors offering their services.

On the home page, you’ll find a full list of advisors featuring their:

  • Photo
  • Specialty
  • Total number of readings
  • Year joined
  • Star rating
  • Service type
  • Rate

In addition, you can read a short bio that lets you know what the advisor is all about and how they can help you find answers to all your problems.

For additional information, you’ll need to browse their profiles to learn more about their experience and expertise. On their profile page, you can also watch their introduction video and read through all their reviews. If you find that their offerings match your expectations, you can favorite that advisor and sign up for their services.

Depending on which advisors you select, you can choose between live chat, voice calls, and live video calls for your readings. Advisors are allowed to only offer the services they are comfortable providing. Prices start at $0.99 per minute and are also set by the advisors. Many experienced advisors charge $9.99 per minute or more for video calls, while texts and phone calls are often a lot cheaper.

To pay for your readings, you’ll just need to add credits to your account. Then, you can use them to schedule sessions with your advisors of choice.

How Much Does Purple Garden Cost?

Purple Garden is on the more expensive end of live psychic services. Purple Garden psychic advisors can set their own rates, and while the service wants them to be competitive, the rates remain higher than usual. Often Purple Garden sends promo codes for lower rates. Rates range from $0.99 per minute up to $14.99 per minute. The usual range for chat is $3.99, a call is $6.99, and a video call is $9.99.

Once you have spent $10 on Purple Garden psychic services, you are automatically enrolled in the cashback program for member loyalty. You’ll earn back 5% of all purchases, and there are no limits on the number of cashback earnings. The cashback is only applicable for 6 months and credited to your account to use for their next reading.

Psychic Selection Pool

Are you looking for answers and guidance to some of life’s deepest questions? Purple Garden psychic readers rely on intuition and special abilities to guide you.  
Purple Garden psychic readers cover a wide range of categories including: 

• Tarot readings 
• Psychic readings 
• Relationship coaches 
• Palm readings 
• Astrology and horoscopes 
• Oracle guidance 
• Angel insights 
• Dream analysis 

When you visit the website, you can browse through profiles. Click to see a photo of each psychic, their special abilities, and divination tools. You’ll also see the pricing upfront, the cost per minute, which varies according to the psychic and based on whether you schedule a reading via chat, voice, and video. 

Customers prefer Purple Garden because this platform has additional features that will help you choose the right psychic for you. Their psychics have video recordings, so you can get a sense of the advisor before scheduling a session. You can also read customer reviews and see the psychic’s ratings.  

Although more expensive than competing psychic platforms, pricing is completely transparent. You can browse through profiles to find an advisor to suit your budget. That said, Purple Garden lacks some of the intro offers and discounts that competing sites often promote. 

Method of Communication

The psychic advisors available through Purple Garden offer a range of options for a live reading. You can conveniently and confidentially receive your reading via live chat, voice, or video. With the Tryouts feature, VIP clients can test out a reading risk-free. The Purple Garden mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, supports a range of languages including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, and more.  

Confidentiality & Security

Many people may feel uncomfortable speaking to a psychic face to face, especially when it comes to some of life’s most sensitive questions. When you can’t visit a psychic in person, or prefer a reading from the privacy of your home, Purple Garden stands out as a great option. You can choose the method of communication, whether live chat, video, or voice. You can also create a user ID so you won’t need to provide your full name.  

Because each psychic has their own introductory video with their profile, you’ll have a better sense of who you will speak to before scheduling your session. You can also view reviews and testimonials from previous customers on each advisor’s profile. 


I’m a little on the fence about whether I believe in Psychic readings or not, but I figured it didn’t hurt to see what she had to say. The reading seemed pretty relatable to my personal situation without me, purposely, giving her too much detail into my life in order to see if it was a true reading. I felt pretty good about it. I will most likely use her again. – May 2021 testimonial of PsychicLoveSamantha 

I am so thankful for Giovanni- his predictions came to pass as he described in the previous reading- Looking forward to the next predictions coming into fruition. – June 2021 testimonial of 1111Giovanni1111 

This lady is the real deal! Truly amazing! Picked up on things my SO says to me without me even telling her! Thank you so so much! You have eased my mind so much and made me feel so good and lucky to have talked to you! – June 2021 testimonial of Spiritualist Mia Gray 


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