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Pandemic Pantry10 Apple and Cinnamon Recipes That Taste Like Fall

10 Apple and Cinnamon Recipes That Taste Like Fall

Maybe more than any other change in seasons, the transition from summer to fall really seems to bring out the differences of opinion in people! There are the pumpkin spice latte fans, and then of course the people who make fun of the pumpkin spice latte fans. (I have been both of these people.)

The start of football season is famous for creating instant “football widows”: people who for all intents and purposes can expect to be abandoned outright, in favor of the 49ers game, every single time, until the Super Bowl sees fit to return their very much alive spouse to them.

A lot like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon is one of those flavor combinations that has reached such legendary proportions that it now has got some haters. There are memes, and many of them aren’t exactly flattering. But here’s the thing: nothing says fall like the smell of apples and cinnamon! Except maybe pumpkin spice. But that’s a different discussion.

For those who welcome fall, and the trademark tastes it brings, we’ve pulled together 10 recipes that showcase the delightful flavors of apples and cinnamon. Each one of these treats will melt in your mouth, warm your heart, and nourish your belly.

Welcome apple and cinnamon lovers, one and all! We’re celebrating the coming fall season with 25 apple cinnamon recipes you’ll absolutely adore.

No collection of fall recipes is complete without an apple pie recipe! This one, which has Grandma Ople’s name right on it (so you know it’s going to be great), is the most popular apple pie recipe on allrecipes.com. Since the time it was added in 2000, this recipe has been baked by more than 25,000 Allrecipes fans. With that many people making this recipe, you’d think it’s got to be a pretty good one. But with that many users and a rating that still hangs on near the five-star mark, you can be sure it’s going to be amazing! If you’re looking for an apple cinnamon treat to please a wide variety of people, say for Thanksgiving, look no further. This will be the perfect thing.

Pumpkin and apple, together at last! If you’re on the lookout for an explosion of fall flavors, give this recipe a try. Apples have the most wonderful texture when baked, holding up well to the heat yet softening nicely, as the flavor matures and takes on a certain sweetness. That sweetness pairs wonderfully with the warm spicy taste of pumpkin, bringing everything together in a yummy, cakey muffin. Topped with a streusel topping, these muffins are the very essence of fall, without being predictable in any way. Perfect for a fall bake sale or a company party, they’re portable, easy to eat, and cute too.

Here is a dessert that just screams fall! The classic apple crisp is practically what the autumn apple harvest was made for. When all the trees are so loaded down with apples that neighbors start offering whole bags at a time, for free, in the hope of at least giving their crop a good home before it spoils… this is apple crisp time. 

This recipe is made with a wonderful oat topping that will add a most welcome nuttiness and crunch to the mix. For this recipe, the better the cinnamon, the better the whole thing. When the smell of those ripe apples and the warm cinnamon come together, expect a lineup outside your door! And if you happened to have been gifted those apples, the most perfect way to pay it forward would probably be with a yummy apple crisp. Or, maybe just half of one. Or a piece, like a slice of cake. I mean, whatever. You decide. I’m just saying you might want some later. 

If there is one thing this world has plenty of, it’s definitely pancake recipes. But really, that’s part of the pancake’s charm. It’s completely versatile. You can add almost anything to pancake mix and it is likely to come out wonderfully. Because pancakes are awesome. 

It took me way too long to figure out that you can make your pancake mix in the blender, and with that, what was already a pretty darn easy thing becomes a thing that practically does itself. I think it makes the pancakes a little fluffier, but maybe that’s just me.

This apple cinnamon take on a tried and true classic is sure to become a breakfast hit in your household.

Apple dumplings seem practically synonymous with fall. Crispy, flaky, warm and sweet, they are coziness in dessert form. With that yummy, rich and buttery sauce they cook in, drizzled all over the top of them, it’s hard to stop at just one! Though they take some time to make, they aren’t difficult, which is perhaps why they remind so many of us of our grandma, and time spent with her as she baked in the kitchen. With a recipe that takes a lot of time, but isn’t too hard, she had more time to hang out with us. And we had more time to soak up the love and the butter sauce too. 

Try them with vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream on top for some added yum.

This is one of those things you’ll want to make a big batch of because once you discover how rich and delicious it is, you’re going to find a hundred different ways to use it. 

The aptly-named “all day apple butter” is a super slow one, which is another argument for making a large batch of it. But once you have a taste, it will all be worth the wait. And you’ll find a hundred uses for it. So again: make the biggest batch your slow cooker will allow you to make. Perhaps even borrow the neighbors, but don’t tell them what it’s for, or you’ll end up having to share. And this apple butter is just too delicious to be handing out all willy-nilly. 

Any kind of apple is fair game for apple butter, but keep an eye on the sugar levels in proportion to the sweetness of the apples. You don’t want to use very sweet apples and also use a lot of sugar or it won’t end up with that richness you’re looking for. 

There’s something so fall-like about scones. Maybe it’s the dense consistency, bringing to mind the heavier comfort foods and casseroles of fall. Or the flakiness, the crumbliness of them, the quality of which is reflected in so many things around this time of year… the leaves, the ground…

In this wonderfully delicious fall scone recipe, our friends apple and cinnamon share the stage with the nutty almond, and it’s a winning combination. The mild almond taste pairs beautifully and adds a nice little crunch too. 

Made with yogurt and no butter, there is a creaminess to the taste of these scones that is pleasing to a wide variety of tastes. Want to see if your kiddo likes scones? This may be a great recipe to try. What’s the worst that’ll happen? You end up with a yummy batch of scones all to yourself, that’s what.  

Here is but one of the hundred (maybe more) uses that you’re going to find for the all-day apple butter recipe. (Seriously, borrow your neighbor’s slow cooker) This cake is moist and delicious, and if it takes like your childhood, that’s because a lot of grandmas loved to make this cake for their beloveds. 

If you are headed to a family dinner, or a feast with friends, a potluck, or a dinner party, this cake is a wonderful idea. Spicy and rich, it will seem to folks like you spent all day, and perhaps worked some magic, but you didn’t. You just have really good taste in desserts. High five, you.

People: Apple. Pie. Cookies. This has to be one of the most earth-shattering developments ever made, dessert-wise. Tiny apple pies, that are portable like cookies, but look like apple pies, but crunch like cookies. Photogenic as all get-out, these cookies are the ones to bring when you want to really pull out all the stops. This is “impress the PTA bake sale committee”, or “first holiday with the new mother in law” material, my friends. Sweet pie crust cookie meets gooey apple filling, in a devilishly good calorie bomb that you definitely need to get out of your kitchen at once. 

If you happen to have any of the apple filling leftover, because you didn’t, you know, “taste” too much of it while you were baking, it happens to be the bomb served warm over vanilla ice cream. You’re welcome.

Inspired by Mexico, these yummy sweet apple rollups are great for breakfast or a snack any time of day. Easy to make, kid-friendly, and fun to eat, this is a perfect choice for a rainy afternoon inside with the kiddos, or a school function where snacks are a must.

Autumn cheesecake, to me, somehow sounds even better than plain old cheesecake. It sounds even richer, more flavorful, and denser than the dessert I already love more than any other. Autumn cheesecake sounds like warmth and spice atop decadence… a celebration… of the flavors that sustain us through the cold winter months. Cheesecake, with all its richness and flavor, is something of a special treat. Slices aren’t typically all that large, because as some might say, a little dab will do ya with cheesecake. It implies decadence. Coupled with the flavors of fall, of harvest time, also a time of decadence… of giving thanks… it really does sound like a celebration. Which is why this cheesecake may be the perfect thing to bring to a solstice feast, a time to gather with friends and loved ones to celebrate all the richness of life.

Bon appetit.


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